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EcoJet by JOAPE 




Create your own cool zone with EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans, an eco-friendly cooling solution for outdoor and indoor environments.  EcoJet Misting Fans are the perfect way to provide portable spot cooling and comfort in a wide range of applications.  Joape misting fans go anywhere, anytime!   


Provide cool comfort to your outdoor living area, your guests or workplace with Joape's unique cooling system.  Applications for Joape misting fans are endless in the hot summer months.


OUTDOORS: EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans create a cool cloud of mist so fine you don't get wet!  As the cooling cloud builds, it reduces area temperature 20+ degrees in the "cool zone" while also cleansing the air of dust, pollen and odors.  The misting could is also a flying insect free area.  


Misting fans are available in a range of sizes, colors and styles to meet your unique requirements.  Easily portable with built in reservoirs, or wall mount for fixed water line hook-up, EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans are the solution for your cooling needs!  Joape fans are economical using light bulb equivalent energy.  They're also low water consumption, 75% of the water pumped to the disk is returned to the tank. 


No nozzles to clog, no puddles or leaks!  Joape's exclusive patented disk design provides the maximum cooling effect without the high pressure, low volume pumps and nozzles used by other systems, resulting in less down time, maintenance and clogging. 


Turn any hot outdoor space into a cool inviting oasis with EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans

About Brazilian Manufacturer JOAPE


Joape is a green technology company with over 15 years experience in the acclimatizing equipment industry. Located in southern Brazil, their focus is on the development of new technologies and products offering high quality solutions while respecting the environment.


Joape Cooling Systems were developed in early 2000 and are widely used in South America in residential, commercial and industrial markets to cool and cleanse the air. EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans are eco-friendly, operating on light bulb equivalent energy with low water consumption. Joape owns hundreds of patents for new technologies, and is a true pioneer in the development of unique new products for multiple industries.

Misting Fans for Multiple Markets:



Provides outdoor summer relief from heat & humidity with superfine, cooling mist, improves air quality in "the cool zone".



Extends outdoor patio dining in the hottest months with ultra fine cool misting and lower temperatures.  Ideal for cooling outdoor public areas of hotels & resorts, restaurants, automotive shops, businesses of all kinds. 



Cools and cleans the air to create a better environment for your customers and employees, increases productivity and comfort. 

Copacabanana 660 Wall Mount fan providing cooling mist to an outdoor patio restaurant.