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From advanced 21st century science, Healthier Sciences has created an arsenal of powerful nanotechnology products to combat unhealthy organisms in the home, workplace and outdoor living environment.  These unique formulations provide powerful results and are completely safe for use around people, pets and the environment.  The Healthier Sciences portfolio of products includes:


OneClean, natural all-purpose power cleaner

Fresh, all natural odor eliminator

SmartShield, antimicrobial surface protectant

SmartTouch, Ceramic Cooker Mold Protector

SmartTouch, Outdoor Furniture & Umbrella   Mold Stain Protectant


Healthier Sciences Unique Approach   


Healthier Sciences believes a healthy life begins with creating a healthier environment – at home, in the workplace and outdoor living environment.  Healthier Sciences manufacturers advanced nanotechnology products that effectively treat surfaces in such a way microbial and bacterial growth are eliminated for extended periods of time. 


Based upon advances in science, Healthier Sciences products are formulated from green nanotechnology.  This unique approach combines “green superior” products with alternative nano and people safe formulations.  These “green superior” products work effectively and can significantly make an impact on human life by protecting us from the microbial world in a safer, proactive manner. 


Healthier Sciences products have been developed to:

  1. provide consumers with solutions to common environmental problems
  2. minimize environmental and human health care risks with more eco-friendly nano-products
  3. encourage replacement of existing caustic products with new nano-products to enhance environmental sustainability


Healthier Sciences provides unparalleled safe products that combat unhealthy organisms in such unique ways, they can no longer impact human life and proliferate the transfer of infections through surface contact. 

Where To Buy

Find Healthier Sciences Products at these Fine Retailers

3 locations in Cumming & Suwanee, GA

Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

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North Point Mall, Alpharetta, GA 30022

Huntsville, Alabama 35801