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Introducing NEW



Ceramic Cooker Mold Protector


Formulated to Reduce Cleaning and Prevent

Mold Stains Between Use or While in Storage



Mold is everywhere, it’s an inescapable part of our environment.  Anywhere dirt and moisture are left to their own devices, mold will almost certainly creep in.  This makes the inside of domed ceramic cookers and grill grates an ideal environment for mold. When left unattended in the off season, or between cooking and grilling use, an ideal sheltered environment is provided for mold spores to settle in and multiply. Before you can put your ceramic cooker or grill grate back into use, you have to scrub the mold and staining away.



SmartTouch Ceramic Cooker Mold Protector is both a mold stain protectant and cleaner. This non-toxic, odorless liquid formula is safe for all food prep surfaces including all ceramic cookers, grills, smokers, grill trays and covers.  Simply spray the entire area 4” to 6” away from the surface until completely covered.  Allow to dry completely and do not rinse.  Then cover the cooker or grill to protect from rain or snow.  SmartTouch will protect from future unsightly mold stains, saving time and money on repeated cleanings between use or following winter storage.  Reapply SmartShield Mold Protector after cooker or grill has been used again, once the surfaces have cooled. Safe for use on ceramic steel, enamel, cast iron, wood, vinyl, PVC and other plastics.  Available in 32 oz. RTU spray bottle.  


For Unclean Surfaces or Existing Mold Stains:

Simply clean and rinse thoroughly to remove mold stains or heavy cooking residue.  SmartTouch can be applied over light cooking grease residue to remove mold stains. 


Applications for
  • non-toxic
  • odorless
  • non abrasive
  • non staining
  • safe for food prep surfaces
  • protects surfaces from mold


  • domed ceramic cookers
  • grills
  • smokers  
  • grill trays & covers

As Seen In HEARTH & HOME Magazine's July 2016 Issue, 
"Let's Talk!" by Lisa Readie Mayer on Barbecue Accessories  
"Longview Products has introduced an accessory that solves another problem for kamado users.  Smart Touch Ceramic Cooker Mold Protector is a clear, odorless, non-toxic spray, safe for all food-prep surfaces, that cleans and prevents mold from forming on the inside of a ceramic cooker - a fairly common occurrence, according to Susan Hobbs, company president & CEO.  

"It can be applied after each use when the kamado has cooled, or before any extended storage, to prevent mold from growing," she says. "It can save alot of time and effort on clean up."  

32 oz bottle SmartTouch Ceramic Cooker Mold Stain Protectant
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Consumer Comments Regarding Mold

on Ceramic Cookers & Grill Grates
  • “My cousin used his cooker twice, then put it away because he says it developed so much funk (mold) on the inside between cooking episodes. He had to spend too much time cleaning it to make it worth his while.”


  • “I’ve had mold a couple of times, it was from not using it for months at a time.”


  • “I’m having problems keeping mold from growing in my ceramic cooker when not in use. Cooker is outside and in weather, becomes full of grayish mold when not in use.”


  • “If I don’t use my cooker for two weeks, mold starts to grow on the inside.  I have it covered, under my carport. Did some research and see this is a common thing, does anyone have first hand experience on removing it?”


  • “The mold gets all over my heat plate so I have to wash it every time I use it, as well as the grill itself. Only takes a few minutes, but would rather just have no mold.”