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Summer Heat & Humidity?  No Problem! 


Love life OUTDOORS all summer long in "the cool zone" created by EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans! 


All text and images are copyright EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans and Longview Products LLC

EcoJet by Joape 

Misting Fans


Countless Cooling Solutions

Excellent For Cooling:


  • outdoor patios, porches & pool areas                                                
  • restaurants, bars & cafes
  • hotels, motels & resorts
  • fitness centers, gymnasiums & spas
  • convention centers, stadiums & arenas
  • amusement parks, zoos & aquariums
  • greenhouses & plant nurseries
  • special events, party rentals & catering
  • supermarkets & farmers markets
  • industrial & commercial laundries (reduce cotton fly)
  • offices, shops & outdoor malls
  • parks & recreational facilities
  • warehouses & industrial plants
  • camping & RV recreational industry
  • schools & athletic teams
  • livestock, agriculture & kennels
  • tennis courts & golf club houses
  • airport hangers, boats & marinas
  • public transit ticket & toll booths
  • municipalities, fire stations
Residential Patios, Porches & Decks


Hotels & Resorts, Poolside Cooling
Agricultural Cooling & State Fairs
Industrial Cooling, Tire Stores & Automotive Shops
Party Venues, Tents & Event Cooling
Restaurants & Cafes, Outdoor Patio Dining Areas
Golf Courses & Resorts
Wall Mount 660 Fan with Water Line Hook-up
Outdoor Living Kitchens

Hotels & Resorts, Patio & Dining Area Cooling
Agricultural Cooling, Poultry Farms
Horse Stable Cooling
Fitness Centers, Health Clubs & Spas
Convention Centers & Outdoor Venues
Restaurants & Cafes, Outdoor Patio Cooling
Garden Shops & Plant Nursery Cooling
Portable Cooling for Pool Areas