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1500 watts



Home Comfort's powerful 1500 watt infrared portable heater produces twice the amount of heat of most other 1500 watt heaters, providing warm, therapeutic heat to room spaces up to 1,500 square feet. 

This energy efficient heater also saves up to 50% on home heating bills by providing economical supplemental zone heating exactly where you need it. Operation is easy, just plug it directly into any standard 110 volt outlet, turn it on and set to the desired temperature. Then sit back and enjoy the warm, consistent heat radiating into your room.  

Additional features include large, easy-to-read digital temperature display, memory technology, 4 easy glide wheels for portability, remote control, heating element indicator light, safety touch grill and child lock. This heater has an attractive textured black plastic outer case with a black glass control panel.

Benefits & Features:

  • next generation quartz heating elements last an impressive 40,000 hours, or average of 6 to 8 years (twice that of most competitors)
  • easy to read digital display thermostat adjusts from 40 to 90 degrees
  • heats individual rooms up to 1,500 sq ft in ideal conditions: ceiling height of 8', excellent home insulation value, outside temperature above 32°
  • on average in northern climates, the 1500 watt Home Comfort room heater will heat 1,000 sq ft; in southern climates it will heat 2,000 sq ft
  • temperature setting accuracy, turns on when room temperature falls 1° below digital setting
  • remote control adjusts temperature, turns unit on/off
  • element indicator light alerts when heating element needs to be replaced
  • memory technology, heater automatically returns to set temperature in the event of a power interruption
  • safety features: safety touch grill reduces possibility of burns, auto overheat protection switch
  • child lockout system prevents children from turning heater on/off or changing temperature
  • attractive design, black plastic cabinet with large black glass digital display
  • quiet, easy operation, just plug directly into any standard 110 volt outlet, turn on and set desired temperature
  • easily portable on 4 caster wheels, moves from room to room
  • "Built Strong Lasts Long", Home Comfort heaters have the lowest failure rate in the industry (2% compared to 15% industry average)
  • significant cost savings as infrared heating uses far less energy than standard heaters
  • lifetime limited warranty on parts
  • ETL Intertek certification 

Benefits of Infrared Heat by HomeComfort 


Infrared heat means that the air in your home is being heated in a more natural way. It's not only healthier, it's also safer. Infrared heat is non-combustion based. The moisture molecules are left in the air creating a more even heat. The ceiling temperature will be only 2 to 3 degrees warmer than the floor. This means there's no wasted heat at the ceiling, which is especially beneficial for those with vaulted or cathedral ceilings.


  • Safe! No flames or open burning coils, can NOT start a fire

  • Economical, infrared heat can save up to 50% or more on heating bills
  • Healthy, doesn't burn the oxygen or moisture out of the air. Ideal for those with allergies, asthma, COPD, noses bleeds and arthritis
  • Clean, no messy wood, ashes, coal or kerosene
  • Green, uses less energy to produce heat, leaving a smaller carbon footprint & protecting our environment
  • Versatile, infrared heat is THE best option for heating small or large homes, older or new homes, small or large businesses