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Continually Digests Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) & Odors In Sinks

DrainSmart is the all natural solution to eliminate odors and oily build-up in commercial galley sinks and residential kitchens!

DrainSmart is a 100% non-toxic, eco safe blend of cleaners that contain naturally occurring bacteria to continually digest the Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) that block sinks.  The biological chemistry is similar to what occurs in a water treatment plant.  Simply pour one ounce from the built-in measure cup into each drain at the end of the daily schedule.  The safe, natural bacteria produce enzymes that continually digest organic build-up that blocks drains and causes odors.


A regular maintenance protocol using DrainSmart will eliminate clogged drains and odors caused by the build-up of food residue.  It's safe for pipes, better for municipal waste systems and the environment.   


All organisms can be broken down and eliminated through natural processes.  Oils, fats and grease are eaten by natural bacteria.  By adding more bacteria than is naturally, readily available, this process is boosted or excelerated.  The maintenance required to clean the drain tubes of commercial galley sinks is much more detailed and time consuming than a residential house drain. DrainSmart saves on expensive plumbing repairs and downtime, keeping drains flowing freely. 

Applications for   


  • commercial airline & private jet galley & lavatory sinks
  • yachts, sailboats, houseboats & other marine craft
  • motorhomes & RV's
  • train galley kitchens & lavatory sinks
  • commercial kitchens, restaurants & mobile food trucks 
  • hotels, resorts & institutional applications
  • residential kitchens, bath & laundry sinks 
  • car dealerships & auto repair shop bays with floor drains
  • food processing plants




Field Tested & Certified:



  • reduces drain blockages & overflows
  • non-toxic and readily biodegradable
  • earth friendly renewable formula
  • cleans while it eliminates drain odors
  • works on Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)
  • natural fresh orange scent
  • no caustic chemicals or fumes
  • prevents FOG discharge into municipal waste systems  
  • space saving concentrated formula


  • 32 oz measure bottles & 2.5 gallon size


Safer for pipes, the planet & people who use it!  DrainSmart

Avoid costly plumbing repairs, DrainSmart keeps drains running freely

DrainSmart for PLANES....

DrainSmart for TRAINS...