L'Art du Jardin

making meals more memorable with
authentic European wood-fired ovens
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Built-in oven thermometer
Spiral stainless knobs
Warming box holds 3 aluminum trays
4 heavy duty wheels for easy portability
Le Boulanger ships in 2 cartons
Flavorful Pizzas

Discover the delicious possibilities of outdoor wood-fired cooking with

Le Boulanger  

Warm, Tasty Breads
Roasted Vegetables
Poultry Roasts
Enjoy Alfresco Dining with Wood-Fired Meals
Simmering Casseroles
Roasted Peppers
Variety of Roasts
Bon Appetite!
Le Boulanger

Versatile, Large Capacity 

Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven for Pizzas, Breads, Roasts, Casseroles, Vegetables and Beyond 

With it's larger cooking area, Le Boulanger is a great family & friends orientated multi-function oven for entertaining.  

Le Boulanger

Product Description 

Le Boulanger is a portable, multi-functional wood-fired oven that provides the outdoor oven chef with enough capacity and versatility to cook restaurant quality meals for a crowd.  This model features a handy stainless steel side table, and also a side warming or food staging box that utilizes an adjustable heat flow through system to regulate the inside temperature. Like all L'Art du Jardin wood-fired ovens, the thick double wall oven construction provides 360 degrees of radiant and direct heat.  With a much larger cooking area, Le Boulanger is the perfect family and friends party orientated multi-functional oven.  The oven chamber is 16" wide x 20" deep by 6" high. 


How It Works  

Heavy duty double wall oven construction. The outer wall is 3 mm" steel and the inside cooking chamber is lined with 1/8" stainless steel which provides superb high temperature properties and all around heat.  With  thick cooking stones in the oven chamber, Le Boulanger is capable of reaching cooking temperatures of 500 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit within an hour. Heat flows through the space between the walls and up the chimney, creating a 360 degree cooking environment.  With 95% of the flames and smoke diverted from the oven chamber and up the double walls, Le Boulanger provides healthier, more fuel efficient cooking.  Food is lightly flavored but not overpowered by smoke.  The ovens black matte finish is high temperature resistant. Le Boulanger fires with hardwood.  



  • oven door thermometer to gauge inside chamber cooking temperature
  • stainless steel side work table with towel bar 
  • side warming or food staging box with 3 removable aluminum shelves 
  • modular construction for easy assembly in 20 minutes
  • easily portable on tall oven base with 4 heavy duty wheels (front 2 are locking)
  • convenient slide out fire box to add more fuel when you need it 
  • black matte finish is high temperature resistant to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • thick oven chamber ceramic stone 15.5" wide x 18" deep x 1 ½" high
  • lower shelf convenient for wood storage for cooking equipment

View of firebox located under oven chamber, with side warming box
Features & Specifications 

  • aluminum pizza peel
  • oven door thermometer
  • quality 600 denier polyester cover
  • ash collection tray
  • 4 heavy duty locking wheels (2 are locking)
  • 10 year warranty

Oven Chamber
20" wide x 16" deep" x 6" high
  • one 16" pizza pan or
  • three 6 x 11" bread pans or
  • two 9" x 9" x 12", or 10" x 14" baking pans 

Product Specifications:
Width with shelf & warming box on: 58.5"
Width of oven: 24"
Depth of oven: 24"
Height of oven:  56"
Height to top of chimney: 83"
Oven Chamber: 20" wide x 16" deep x 6" high
Stones:  16" w x 18" deep x 1½" h
Carton Specifications:
Total Weight: 253 lbs in 2 cartons
Oven carton: 216 lbs and 32" l x 25" w x 26" h
Base carton: 37 lbs and 33" l x 7" w x 7" h
L'Art du Jardin ovens are now shipping to North America.  Call 770-517-3527 or email sales@longviewproducts.com for pricing and more information.



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