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Sue McMillan, Georgia Patio, Kennesaw, GA

“We suggest SmartShield to our customers for the entire outdoor living area.  Mold and mildew will get on everything in the outdoors, particularly in shaded areas.  We tell them one application of SmartShield will protect their new furniture and umbrella purchases in the outdoors, and should be applied before soil has a chance to develop.  Many of our customers have been including SmartShield with their outdoor furniture and patio purchases to protect from mold and mildew.” 

Sandy M

Marietta, GA


“I used SmartShield RTU in my shower at home and I don’t have to clean that yucky pink stuff anymore.  I love it!”

Kelly C

Woodstock, GA

“Thanks for the SmartShield, I'm fascinated by it and the endless uses. We are going to soak Erica's scrubs before she leaves for her Vietnam medical trip. I feel like any family would love to have gallons of this product to use in so many places.”

Anthony Luckino, American Backyard

Alpharetta, GA
“SmartShield is wonderful, we can’t keep it on the shelf.  We've been selling it for the Big Green Egg tabletop surfaces, for patio cushions, umbrellas, indoor bathrooms, one customer sprayed it on her outdoor swing set to prevent mold. It’s a pretty cool product.”   

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Antimicrobial Surface Protectant


Prevents the growth of mold, mildew, algae and bacteria.



21st Century, advanced nanotechnology SmartShield™ creates an invisible antimicrobial barrier on virtually any surface preventing the growth of mold, mildew, algae and odor causing bacteria for 12 months or more! 


SmartShield is an easy to apply, spray-on water based formula that physically disrupts the ability of mold, mildew, algae and bacteria to attach and grow on hard or porous treated surfaces. SmartShield creates a microscopic bed of spikes that prevents organisms from attaching to treated surfaces.  


This EPA certified product can be used indoors or outdoors in commercial or home consumer applications.  It's colorless, odorless and environmentally friendly.  Contains NO solvents or corrosive chemicals. 

SmartShield named VESTA Award Finalist by Hearth & Home Magazine

at the March 2013 Hearth, Patio & Barbecuse Expo in Orlando

Spotlight on Product Innovation! SmartShield captured a prestigious Vesta Finalist Award at the 2013 national Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo, March 14 – 16th in Orlando. Vesta Awards are presented by Hearth & Home magazine recognizing manufacturers for innovation in product design and technology.

Environmentally Safe SmartShield™
For Commericial & Consumer Use:  
INDOORS: microscopic barrier provides superior protection on glazed tile, tubs, showers, shower curtains, sinks, toilets, damp basements and other high moisture areas.  Inhibits odor causing bacteria from growing in locker rooms, on sports & gym gear.
OUTDOORS:  prevents mold and mildew on patio cushions, outdoor furniture and rugs, umbrellas, tents, awnings, shutters and blinds, pool & spa areas, fences and house siding. Also prevents mold on RV vehicles, boats, sails and other watercraft.
EPA Approved Areas include those prone to mold and odors such as poorly vented bathrooms, locker rooms and basements. Safe for use on clothing including socks, gym wear, shoes, sneakers, bedding, towels, upholstery and carpeting.
Easy, simply application to all surfaces with a spray bottle, pump type garden sprayer or professional spray system. 
SmartShield Home 32 OZ Ready To Use



      RESIDENTIAL: home consumers, HVAC, RVs, campers & tents


      HOSPITALITY: hotels, motels & resorts
FOODSERVICE: restaurants, bars, cafes, kiosks, mobile caterers
EDUCATIONAL: schools, athletic teams, day care centers
HEALTH CARE: patient waiting rooms, hospitals, nursing homes & long term care facilities, uniforms
RETAIL: shopping malls, supermarkets, outdoor food markets
AMUSEMENT: theme parks, zoos & aquariums, state fairs, costumes

HEALTH & FITNESS: health clubs, fitness centers, gymnasiums & spas


MARINE: yachts, boats & marinas

MUNICIPALITIES: police, fire & EMS protective gear & apparel


INDUSTRIAL: distribution centers, manufacturing plants
TRANSPORTATION: rental cars, taxis, buses, trains, airplanes, terminals
ENTERTAINMENT: convention centers, stadiums, arenas, theaters, concerts
AGRICULTURAL: livestock, agriculture & kennels

Protect Outdoor Living Area Investments

When sprayed on hard or porous (fabric) surfaces, SmartShield prevents staining and odors caused by mold and mildew on patio cushions, furniture and rugs, umbrellas, tents, awnings, shutters, blinds, pool and spa areas, fences and house siding. One spray application lasts all season long!

Health Care Uniforms & More

When used on fabrics in the healthcare world including scrubs, lab coats, physician's coats and nurses uniforms, SmartShield can protect health care uniforms and staff from cross contamination. After SmartShield is applied, odor and stain causing organisms or bio film can not grow on the surface.  Application is easy!  Garments should be soaked one time for 10 minutes following a fresh laundering, then dried.  From that point on uniforms are simply laundered  as usual.  The treated fabric will maintain its protective antimicrobial properties for the wear life of the garment.  SmartShield will protect the garment and wearer 24/7 with its invisible barrier that physically disrupts the ability of bacteria and other unhealthy organisms to grow on any treated surface. SmartShield is also perfect for public safety uniforms and more, where workers are exposed to bacterial health risks in the daily workplace.  

Sports Gear

Sneakers, insoles, workout clothing, caps, spikes, boxing gloves, jerseys and sports uniforms of all kinds can be plagued by bacteria and odors after a vigorous workout! One application of SmartShield™ forms a tough protective barrier on fabrics, clothing and sports gear.  As perspiration forms and builds, odors and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew are prevented from growing on the protected surface.  The end result is cleaner smelling, bacteria free clothing and gear at the end of a workout. 
Institutional Bathrooms
Bathrooms in commercial buildings, airports, schools, health care facilities and other public areas are used by hundreds of people daily. Often cleaning staff are challenged to clean as often as necessary to prevent bacteria and odors. Spray application of SmartShield around sinks and toilets will prevent odors caused by bacteria, and also prevent mold and mildew from forming on the hard surfaces and grout. Bathrooms will stay fresher longer between cleanings.   
HVACS & Air Filters
Mold in heating & air conditioning systems can spread thoughout entire indoor environments causing respiratory illnesses, allergies and even more serious symptoms.  When filters used in home central air systems are sprayed with SmartShield, bacteria, mold, fungus and algae can not survive and grow on the surface. 

Patient Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms and patient rooms in hospitals, doctor & dentist offices and other medical facilities are a breeding ground of bacteria with constant, heavy traffic and illness. Bacteria can spread through common touch points such as counter surfaces, door knobs or public rest rooms. One application of SmartShield™ on touch points every 90 days will inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microbial bio-loads.

Whirlpool tubs, Saunas & Showers
Preventing the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and odors in high moisture, high temperature areas can be a daunting task!  Saunas, showers, whirlpool tubs, spas and more are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. Pre-treating with SmartShield™ every 90 days will prevent growth of these undesirables, creating a more relaxing, healthy environment.  
Fitness Equipment & Rehab Centers
Fitness mats, treadmills, weight lifting equipment, yoga mats, lockers, benches and common hard surfaces found in fitness & rehabilitation centers can be treated with SmartShield™ .  SmartShield forms a strong bound with the surface lasting 90 days or more, preventing the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and algae.