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About Longview Products LLC


Longview Products provides sales and distribution of unique global products created to provide solutions and enhance the quality of everyday living, while respecting the environment.  Thanks for visiting us, please view our dedicated brand and product pages to learn more about the innovative companies and next generation products we represent.  


Longview Products is proud to serve as the exclusive 2014 North American launch partner of L'Art du Jardin European style outdoor    wood-fired ovens to the home consumer market.  Utilizing double wall oven construction, L'Art du Jardin ovens use less wood than comparable models, making them extremely fuel efficient and economical.  Be sure to view Alsace, the world's first combination wood-fired oven and grill.    

With Healthier Sciences' nanotech products, choosing eco-friendly  has never been easier or more cost effective.  Small changes moving away from caustic chemicals to natural and eco-safe products add up to a major impact on the environment to benefiting the planet and future generations. These powerful surface protectant, cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing products make it easier to live healthier lives, in a healthier environment. Healthier Sciences products are marketed to home consumers, commercial and industrial markets. 


Longview Products headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Master Distributor of:  


L'Art du Jardin European Double Wall Outdoor Wood-Fired Ovens
  • Alsace, the world's first dual wood-fired oven and grill
  • Le Boulanger, mid-range large capacity wood-fired oven

Healthier Sciences providing eco-safe, nanotech solutions for deodorizing, cleaning surfaces and drains, sanitizing and antimicrobial surface protection:
  • NEW SmartTouch Ceramic Cooker Mold Protector
  • NEW SmartTouch Outdoor Furniture & Umbrella Mold Stain Protectant
  • SmartShield, mold/mildew preventative, antimicrobial surface protectant
  • OneClean, all natural multi-purpose power cleaner
  • Fresh, all natural odor eliminator on contact
  • DrainSmart, natural enzyme cleaner keeps drains running freely 


EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans patented design creates mist so fine you don't get wet, reducing area temperature 20+ degrees 

  • Angra & Bob tabletop fans for spot-cooling & easy portability to patios, porches, decks & tailgating destinations
  • Cassino 737 Wall Mount or Reservoir styles for 800 sq ft of cooling
  • Copacabana 660 Wall Mount or Reservoir styles for 1,500 sq ft of cooling
  • Fortaleza 777 Wall Mount industrial size fan for 3,000 sq ft of cooling



Brite-Strike Technologies providing world class safety, lighting & tactical products to the military, police and citizens to keep them safe.

  • NEW Rechargeable LED Lighted Dog Collar & Leash
  • APALS, all purpose adhesive light strips
  • APALS-Air, all purpose adhesive light strips with reflective technology
  • Citizens Safety 3 in 1 Lightning Strike personal protection system
  • CAPPS, camp alert perimeter security system / survival
  • Illuminated Sport Gloves with active illumination reflective technology 
  • Brite-Blade, the ultimate survival knife



Longview is based in Atlanta, Georgia and provides sales and distribution to all markets in the U.S. and Caribbean Islands. L'Art du Jardin ovens can ship to Canada as well. Please view our product pages and let us know how we can assist you! 

L'Art du Jardin outdoor wood-fired ovens from the Alsace region of France are ideal for the discriminating chef looking to achieve authentic restaurant quality cooking only a wood-fired oven can deliver. 

Combating the microbial world one spritz at a time!  Healthier Sciences nanotechnology products for the home, commercial and industrial markets are formulated from advances in science.  They provide solutions to common environmental problems with more eco-safe products for preventing mold/mildew/bacteria, cleaning surfaces, deodorizing, sanitizing and keeping drains running freely. 



Joape Misting Fans are widely used around the world in residential, commercial and industrial markets to cool and cleanse the air. Joape fans are eco-friendly, operating on light bulb equivalent energy with low water consumption.  Joape is a green technology company with over 15 years experience in the acclimatizing equipment industry.  Located in southern Brazil, their focus is on the development of new technologies and products offering high quality solutions while respecting the environment.  Joape owns hundreds of patents for new technologies and is a true pioneer in the development of unique new products for multiple industries. In the U.S. the fans are marketed as EcoJet by Joape.


Brite-Strike Technologies was created by two police officers to offer world class lighting, safety and tactical products to the military, police and citizens to keep them safe. Designed to meet stringent military specs, their safety products are extremely high quality, dependable and functional.  Brite-Strike uses the latest technology, world class components, optimum design and manufacturing standards.  Products include APALS, APALS-Air, Illuminated Sports Gloves, CAPPS camp alert perimeter security system, Citizens Safety Lightning Strike personal protection system and the ultimate survival knife Brite-Blade.