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EcoJet's Bob Tabletop Misting Fan
EcoJet's Hurricane Reservoir Misting Fan
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About Longview Products LLC


Longview Products is a master distributor of EcoJet Misting Fans to the U.S. Market.  These unique misting fans provide countless cooling solutions to  enhance the quality of everyday living.  Please view our dedicated product pages to learn more about how EcoJet Misting Fans can create a comfort zone in your own unique environment. 


EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans patented design creates mist so fine you don't get wet, reducing area temperature 20+ degrees 

  • Bob tabletop fans for spot-cooling & easy portability to patios, porches, decks & tailgating destinations
  • Cyclone Wall Mount or Reservoir styles for 800 sq ft of cooling
  • Hurricane Wall Mount or Reservoir styles for 1,500 sq ft of cooling
  • Tornado Wall Mount or Reservoir industrial size fan for 3,000 sq ft of cooling


Longview Products is based in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area and provides sales and distribution to all markets in the U.S. and Caribbean Islands. Please view our product pages and let us know how we can assist you! 



EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans are widely used around the world in residential, commercial and industrial markets to cool and cleanse the air. EcoJet fans are eco-friendly, operating on light bulb equivalent energy with low water consumption.  Joape is a green technology company with over 20 years experience in the acclimatizing equipment industry.  Located in southern Brazil, their focus is on the development of new technologies and products offering high quality solutions while respecting the environment.  Joape owns hundreds of patents for new technologies and is a true pioneer in the development of unique new products for multiple industries. In the U.S. the fans are marketed as EcoJet by Joape.